Academic & Professional Programs

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Academic and Professional Programs (APP) assists the CMU community by providing strategic consultation, facilitation, and project coordination services in support of research-informed curriculum initiatives. The services provided by APP supply initiators with the competitive landscape and labor market data that supports the preparation of evidence-based academic program proposals.
Broad areas of support include:
  • Program proposal preparation assistance
  • Market and occupational outlook research and analysis
  • Environmental scanning for current and future trends
  • Project management and coordination

The services available from APP centralize the facilitation of research, analysis, and projections as they relate to:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Degree-related occupations
  • Growth trends in the number of graduates from similar programs
  • Projected job growth for degree-related occupations
  • Labor market and industry demand
  • Competitors' curriculum
  • Related licenses and professional certifications
  • Resources and potential costs associated with launch and delivery
APP also oversees: