Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a proctored exam from another school at the Testing Center? 
Yes – online or paper/pencil is available. There is a $30.00 fee per exam for non-CMU students. Contact the testing center for more information and scheduling. 

How can I schedule an SDS exam at the Testing Center? 
Prior approval/testing accommodations are required prior to scheduling an appointment. Exams must be scheduled at least three days in advance. Please call 989-774-1092 to schedule your appointment. 

How can I schedule a make-up exam at the Testing Center? 
First, contact your instructor regarding a make-up exam. If your instructor approves the make-up exam, they should contact the testing center to grant permission and provide the exam. The Testing Center will contact you to schedule once the exam has been received. 

How do I schedule a CLEP test? 
CLEP tests must be purchased through College Board and then scheduled through the testing center. Schedule your CLEP test through the online scheduler or call 989-774-1092 

What are the identification requirements? 
A photo ID is required for all testing; however, some national testing companies have specific ID guidelines. Check the vendor’s requirements for details. A primary ID must be government-issued, valid (not expired), and contain both a photo and a signature. When required, a secondary ID must have the tester's official name and a signature. Examples of secondary IDs are a social security card, or a signed debit or credit card. 

What items are prohibited in the testing room? 
Personal items are prohibited in the testing room: cell phones, fitness trackers, watches, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, wallets, purses, hats, caps, bags, coats, books, notes, food, drink, gum, candy, firearms, and all tobacco products. Lockers are available to store personal items. Scratch paper and writing utensils will be provided when permitted. 

Can I schedule a national certification test through you? 
No, all national testing is scheduled through the respective testing company.