Jessica Wicks

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Teaching and Learning Consultant
Ph. 989-774-3305

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Dr. Jessica Wicks is an educator, designer, technologist, and administrator serving as a CETL consultant to faculty in constructing engaging learning experiences. Her diverse practice ranges from university to medical school to community college settings at both non-profit and for-profit institutions. She consults on topics including, but not limited to: instructional design frameworks such as backward design, design thinking, and Universal Design for Learning; strategies to enhance instructional outcomes such as lesson planning; soliciting informal early feedback, and providing peer teaching observations; and meaningful incorporation of educational technologies such as open educational resources, learning management systems, & collaboration software.

Jessica has taught as an adjunct faculty member in a variety of formats since 2003. She currently teaches in the Learning Design and Technology Master of Arts program at CMU and in the liberal arts Associate degree programs at Mid Michigan College. Among other roles, Jessica has worked as a curriculum manager and an online program director, which provided quick learning on topics such as: curriculum mapping, integrated curricula, strategic planning, accreditation, and quality protocols. You will often hear her express the need for standard operating procedures and service level agreements due to former work experiences in both technology and manufacturing.

Jessica is a graduate of MSU’s innovative hybrid Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology & Educational Technology, which couples on-site relationships with technologies such as social media, web conferencing, tablet devices, and telepresence robots. She also holds both an M.A. and a B.S. from CMU in the areas of Human Development & Family Studies.

In addition to work passions, Jessica enjoys spending time with her spouse Nick, who is also employed at CMU, and their two sons. She appreciates walks outside, casino gaming, artistic endeavors, dystopian fiction, and binge-watching series on Netflix.