Advisory Council

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Council is a standing committee of Academic Senate and serves as an advisory board to the Senate and to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Members, Organization, Term

EAC Member College or Department
Armbruster, EllenCEHS (2018-2021)
Bechtel, StephanieCIS, Faculty Support (ex-officio non-voting)
Blom, Andrew
Group IV-C of University Program (2018-2020)
Bond, Jeremy
CIS, Instructional Development (ex-officio non-voting)
Bunch, John
CBA (2018-2021)
Haines, Jamie 
​CHP - Designee of the Provost
​Hornak, Anne
EDL - Chosen by Council of Chairs
Lee, Carl
CSE (2017-2020)
Lindahl, Robert -  Chair
CAM (2017-2021)
​Novak, Chad
​Student Representative (2020)
​Poole, Deb
CHSBS - Psychology (2019-2021)
Tucker, AntoinetteCIS (administrative non-voting)
​Wang, Rui
LIB - Library Counseling (2019-2022)
Webster, Emily
CHP (2017-2020)