Vision, Mission Statement, Guiding Principles


The vision of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is to promote and facilitate student learning to the greatest extent possible through research-based professional development opportunities focused on continual improvement of pedagogy, scholarship, and creative endeavors.

Mission Statement

With increasing demands for teaching effectiveness and accountability, rapid changes in technology, complex choices among evidence-based teaching practices, and challenges working with a diverse student population, CETL staff are equipped to serve all University faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants, online, on and off campus, as well as to collaborate with department and college-wide initiatives through:

  • Facilitating higher impact student engagement and active learning;

  • State-of-the-art instructional design and effective evidence-based teaching-learning strategies;

  • Support of faculty through an array of basic and cutting-edge programs, learning technologies, and services in as timely a way as possible.

Guiding Principles

In order to fulfill the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning vision and mission, the staff will:

  • Provide a comprehensive approach to instructional and faculty development that integrates multiple areas of expertise—instructional consulting, faculty development consulting, service-learning, and instructional learning technologies;

  • Provide flexible, client-centered support to meet the needs of graduate teaching assistants, fixed-term faculty, regular faculty, off campus and online instructors, departments, and colleges, including online, face-to-face, and in-center services;

  • Encourage instructional innovation at all levels, from individual adoption of new teaching methods to the development of cutting-edge instructional approaches that reach beyond individual classrooms;

  • Offer transformational cohort programs that engage instructors in an active and ongoing process of reflective teaching and professional growth;

  • Promote the incorporation of student engagement and active learning into all teaching situations;

  • Incorporate assessment of our own programs and services to ensure value to CMU instructors and to allow for continuous improvement of CETL;

  • Hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, including respect for the confidentiality of our clients and adherence to the Ethical Guidelines for Educational Developers established by the Professional and Organizational Development Network .