Excellence in Teaching Award Operations

1. An Excellence in Teaching Award Committee (ETAC) will administer the teaching excellence award program. 

2. Membership of the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee will consist of ten faculty (1 from each college: 1 from CBA, 1 from CFA, 1 from CEHS, 1 from CHP, 1 from CHSBS, 1 from CSE, and 4 at large) and five students elected by the Academic Senate. Students should be selected to assure diversity in regard to class, field of study, gender, and racial background. Faculty should be selected to assure diversity in regard to rank, gender, and racial background. 

3. The meeting time is 3:30-5:00 pm 2nd Monday, additional Mondays as needed. 

4. The procedures for soliciting nominations by the ETAC should be used to select the awardees. The procedures are posted and maintained on the website of the Center for Excellence and Teaching and Learning (CETL). The CETL provides the administrative support for soliciting nominations and supporting documents of candidates. 

5. Past awardees should be considered as recipients of this award. A recipient will not be eligible to receive another award until seven (7) years have elapsed.

6. All regular and fixed-term faculty with a minimum of two (2) consecutive years teaching at CMU would be eligible for selection. If a nominee took a sabbatical or leave during the most two recent years, the year prior to the sabbatical or leave will be applied. 

7. The term “regular faculty” are those who are hired as tenured or tenure-track faculty official recorded by the Faculty Personnel Services. The term “fixed-term faculty” are the faculty who are hired as fixed-term faculty officially recorded by the Faculty Personnel Services. 

8. The regular and fixed-term faculty who teach the Online or Satellite courses as their regular teaching loads during fall and spring semesters will be counted towards their teaching record. 

9. Award recipients must have a minimum SOS score of 3.25 average for the two years of teaching record during fall and spring semesters. The minimum credit hours for regular faculty is 9 credit hours per year, and 12 credit hours per year for fixed-term faculty during the fall and spring semesters.  

10. No more than two (2) faculty can win this award from any one department in any one year. 

11. Up to five (5) faculty will receive the award. The awards will be presented at the Faculty Excellence Exhibition and a commemorative gift will be given at the spring commencement ceremonies. Monetary awards will be deposited in their personal developmental professional development accounts (i.e., $1,500 for the ETAC awards for the 2015-16 year, and $1,000 for the Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence in Teaching Award). Each awardee will be recognized in appropriate media outlets with a picture and brief description, and have his/her name on a plaque in the library, which will be updated each year. 

12. All recommendation forms and supporting documents will be considered confidential. 

13. Every five years, the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee will present a review of the committee’s actions to the Academic Senate and will recommend any changes in procedures, number of awards, or award amounts. The Academic Senate will act on this review and consider if the awards merit continuation or whether modifications of the award are necessary. 


Adopted by the Academic Senate February 14, 1989 
Revised by Academic Senate 10/3/89, 11/6/90, 3/11/97, 9/6/16 
Adopted by the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, 9/11/01