Excellence in Teaching Award Winners 2012-2013

Leslie WallaceLeslie Wallace is a valuable member of CMU’s Health Sciences team dedicated to providing enriched and meaningful learning experiences for her students.  She has the ability to teach difficult concepts in a way that students can grasp.  She instills her passion for healing, strengthening, and empowering the bodies and spirits of other.  This Excellence in Teaching Award winner is a great mentor who provides advice to students on career goals and aspirations.

Deb Poole Deb Poole is a professor of Psychology and has been a faculty member at Central Michigan University since 1987.  As an experimental child psychologist, her research focuses on child development and social policy, and she is a national authority on children’s memory in the area of forensic interviewing.  She has also authored a well-known textbook on lifespan development.

Kathy BlystoneKathy Blystone has been a member of the Chemistry team at CMU since 1986.  She uses real-life examples to show how chemistry impacts students’ lives every day.  She teaches a class in general chemistry for non-science majors, who will most likely never enroll in another chemistry class, unless, of course, she manages to ‘convert’ them, which she has done on numerous occasions.

Elina ErzikovaElina Erzikova has been an important team member of the Journalism department at CMU since 2009.  Her academic and professional specialization and passion are located at the intersection of journalism, public relations and political communication.  Elina was named an Emerging Scholar in 2012 by the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.  She loves to ask questions to challenge the students and expects them to challenge her, growing together – intellectually, emotionally and professionally.

Chris LattyChris Latty is an Associate Professor in the Human Environmental Studies department at Central Michigan University since 2005.  Chris is driven to provide his students with the most up-to-date information and spends considerable time reviewing recent research, relevant news, or other media releases prior to each class.  He makes learning the material interesting, relatable, and practical.  His daily preparation for classes is a priority.