Teaching Feedback

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers Teaching Feedback opportunities for instructors who wish to gain invaluable and timely student input that informs teaching practices at the midpoint of the semester. The Teaching Feedback process enables instructors to gauge the impact of teaching and student learning early into the semester so there is time to make adjustments in instructional methods. 

As part of the Teaching Feedback process, instructors may select any or all of these services: 
  • Pre-Consultation - A conference with CETL staff to discuss goals for participating in the learner survey. 
  • Post-Consultation - A conference with CETL staff to discuss data collected, potentially related strategies, your impressions, and implementation techniques.  
  • Class Observation - An observation of teaching in practice. 
  • Student Survey - Learner feedback collected by CETL staff via online survey, available to educators teaching in any location or format.
Before selecting any of the above services, please review the framework to learn more about the process, what you will gain as a result of participating, and what we ask from you as a participant.