Examples of Activities (BrightSpot)

BrightSpot GraphicTo showcase the pedagogic strategies and innovative approaches of our faculty, along with the utilization of features and tools in the Blackboard learning management system, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has collected a variety of “bright spot” examples for your perusal.

These examples demonstrate how strategies, tools, and features integrate into CMU courses to assess student learning and performance. These examples, in many cases, offer detailed guidelines and rubrics for assessment. You will note a focus on real-world application. Examples include, but are not limited to, writing intensive assignments, quantitative reasoning exercises and projects, methods for using discussion boards and journals, methods for conducting group projects, field-based projects, ePortfolios, peer reviews, mock interviews, case studies, simulations, digital and video presentations, etc.

Please review these “bright spots” and feel free to adapt or adopt them for your own classroom use. Our sincerest thanks to our faculty partners in creatively designing and implementing these activities.