Policies and Procedures | New Faculty Orientation

The following resource links will open in a new browser tab or window. When you are finished viewing a resource, please close the tab or window to return to this page. Administrative Policies, Procedures and Guidelin​es Administrative Policies, Procedures and Guidelines web site This page contains a list of all applicable policies on CMU's campus. The list is still in its infancy. As new policies are written and existing policies are revised, they will be added to this Manual. Academic Policies​ and Procedures  ​Bulletins web site Policies and procedures can be found within the Graduate or Undergraduate Academic Bulletins. You must narrow your search to the academic year and level of study in order to access the appropriate Academic Bulletin. Conflict of Interest Po​licy​ ​View Policy Specifics related to conducting business on behalf of CMU Consensual Relationships Policy​ View Policy Applies to relationships between faculty, staff and students at CMU Environmental and Safety Services Environmental and Safety Services web site Information available for the health and safety of the campus environment Faculty Personnel S​ervices Faculty Personnel Services web site​ Common faculty forms and instructions, Employment/Benefits, Policies Regulations and Rules; Bylaws for Academic Departments, Dual Career Employment Program Family Educati​on Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) FERPA web site Finance and Adminstrative Services Finance and Administrative Services web site​ Travel, Entertainment, and Reimbursements Manual, Mileage Reimbursement, SAP Information ​​​ Human ResourcesHuman Resources web site Benfits plans, and information, Policies and Procedures Affecting Advocacy Activities, Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act, Smoke-Free Policy, Drug-Free Workplace, Alcohol Policies & Procedures, Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness​ ​