Required Pre-Orientation | New Faculty Orientation

​​​   Before arriving on campus, it is important that all new CMU faculty complete the required Pre-Orientation session, the online Assisting Students with Disabilities (ASD) training, and also enter their curriculum vitae into the Online Faculty Information System (OFIS). The first step, the online Pre-Orientation portion of New Faculty Orientation, will: Provide you with important information you will need to know before coming to campus, Inform you of how to obtain your CMU Global ID and email address, and Introduce you to services and resources that many faculty find helpful during their first few weeks on campus. The remaining two components of the pre-orientation (ASD and OFIS) are also required. New faculty should complete all three steps of the pre-orientation before attending the campus orientation.   Step 1: Click here to Comp​lete the Required Pre-Orientation The online component of New Faculty Orientation will take about 20 minutes to complete. ​ Click here to c​omplete Step 1: P​re-Orientation.​ Step 2: Click here to complete the required Assisting Students with Disabilities (ASD) training The ASD online training component is essential for new faculty to be confident that they are complying with current legal and university guidelines for assisting students. Faculty can be and have been held individually liable for not complying with ASD guidelines. This training will help you to understand the appropriate procedures for assisting students. Click here to complete Step 2: Online ASD training. Step 3: Enter your curriculum vitae (CV) into the Online Faculty Information System (OFIS) OFIS is a secured database populated with useful CMU faculty data. Using information entered from your  curriculum vitae (CV), OFIS is able to generate detailed reports useful for many purposes including internal and external grant applications, annual reports for submission to your college dean, and vitae in a variety of formats. Once you've obtained your Global I.D. and password, click here to begin Step 3: Uploading your CV to OFIS.     ​ ​​