Orientation Schedule

New Faculty Orientation (NFO) is held at the beginning of each Fall semester at Central Michigan University. This year's NFO has been revised due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The following activities have been compiled just for you, our new faculty colleagues. While the first weeks on campus are always an exciting adventure, this fall is a particularly unique experience. There are still many responsibilities that must be fulfilled and details that need to be attended to prior to the start of the semester. To assist you with preparing for your role, your positive engagements with students, and your responsibilities as a CMU community member, we recommend completing the following structured set of activities in the order presented.

The following items must be completed by August 14, 2020:

Complete the required Pre-Orientation (30 minutes)

 Complete work authorization/I-9 in person at Warriner 308 prior to your employment start date. (5 minutes)

 View the welcome from CMU President Robert O. Davies
(5 minutes)

 Complete the self-paced Fundamentals of Blackboard training to develop the foundational skills necessary for use of CMU’s Learning Management System. (1-3 hours, based on experience)

 Identify and complete other applicable instructional trainings on the CIS Events and Training list. (Various lengths)

If you will be teaching in HyFlex format this fall, complete the following: (40 minutes)
1. Watch this 6-minute video for an overview of the Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) teaching model.
2. Determine the hardware configuration you’ll encounter, by consulting this knowledge base article which contains a full list of classrooms for reference.
3. Skim the relevant classroom description(s) in this knowledge base article.
4. Watch this 11-minute video to discover some general strategy for teaching-two-audiences-at-once. If you use small groups in your teaching, consider creating those in Teams.
5. Watch this 9-minute video to learn more about collaboration in the HyFlex format.

 View the video from the Office of Student Disability Services and read their PowerPoint presentation. (15 minutes)

 See the compilation of orientation resources shared by campus colleagues to assist faculty in a successful start. (Various)

Complete Early in the Fall Semester
 Complete Disability Accommodation Training. Look for the email from LawRoom in early Fall with your link to this training. (1 hour)
 Complete CMU’s Sexual Misconduct Training. Look for the email from LawRoom in early Fall with your link to this training. (1.5 hours)

Teaching Support at Every Stage

Whether you’re an experienced faculty member or just starting out, teaching HyFlex or online, the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support can help you take the next step in advancing your teaching and helping your students learn. Visit the website (cis.cmich.edu) for more information about upcoming workshops, online just-in-time resources, and confidential consultations.

New Faculty Orientation is an ongoing effort that involves multiple campus partners that are here to support you and serve your needs. You may be contacted by other campus offices with additional resources, support services, and invitation to connect.

These resources have been put together by the New Faculty Orientation Planning Committee on behalf of Faculty Personnel Services and the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support.