International education is a priority of Central Michigan University, and the number of international partnerships continues to grow. Currently, CMU has about 200 active agreements with international organizations in 34 different countries. Explore the map below to see where CMU's partners are located.

Agreements outline both the expectations and obligations for each party in the agreement. Because these agreements are legal contracts, it is imperative that university policies and procedures are followed and that there is good communication with internal and external partners throughout the process. The Office of Global Engagement works with Licensure, Regulatory Services, and Human Capital to review all international agreements. If you are initiating or renewing an international agreement, please contact the OGE's Executive Director Jennifer Evanuik at

Types of Agreements

  • Articulation: Two or more parties develop curriculum matching and/or credit transfer guidelines (dual and joint degrees, transfer agreements, guest student programs, etc). 
  • Affiliation: Outside agencies agree to accept CMU students in internships, clinical experiences, teaching placements, or 3rd party study abroad programs.
  • Exchange: Students from CMU go to study at another institution for a semester or academic year while students from that institution come to study at CMU.
  • MOU: This is a general agreement to discuss opportunities for collaboration between CMU and another party.
  • Recruitment: A third party agrees to recruit students for CMU.

To see a list of all active international agreements, please view our PDFs:

International Agreements by College.pdf

International Agreements by Country.pdf

To see all of CMU's agreements, search the database