Committee Charges and Rosters

The Internationalization Lab Committees will work closely with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the American Council on Education (ACE) to research and develop a plan for an aspirational, yet attainable plan for comprehensive internationalization of CMU. During the first year for the Lab, the first Internationalization Self-Study Committee (ISSC) will gather data needed to inform the initial report and eventual strategic planning. A second committee, the Internationalization Strategic Planning Committee (ISPC), will use the information gathered to issue the comprehensive plan. This work, detailed below, will take place during the 2016-2018 academic years. The ACE Internationalization Lab committees are co-chaired by Bill Holmes, Executive Director of the Office of International Affairs, and Christi Brookes, chairperson of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

ISSC Charges:

  • The ISSC will catalogue and analyze CMU's current international activities based on ACE's six comprehensive internationalization framework criteria both on and off campus by the end of the spring semester 2017.
  • The initial ISSC will provide a white paper analysis of the data gathered to the Provost and campus community by June 30, 2016.

ISSC Roster:

  • Committee Chairs:
    • Christi Brookes, Committee Co-Chair and Chair of World Languages and Cultures
    • Bill Holmes, Committee Co-Chair and Executive Director, Office of International Affairs
  • Committee Members:
    • David Ash, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
    • Justin Bruner, Teaching and Learning Consultant of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    • Phame Camarena, Director of the Honors Program
    • Debasish Chakraborty, Economic Faculty Member
    • Cassandra DeHaan, Special Projects Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
    • Dianne DeSalvo, Director of Study Abroad
    • Megan Doerr, Director of International Recruiting and Outreach (ex-officio)
    • Claudia Douglass, Vice Provost of Academic Effectiveness
    • Susan Naeve-Velguth, Communication Disorders Faculty Member
    • Tracy Nakajima, Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ex-officio)
    • Eric Tucker, Music Faculty Member and College of Communication and Fine Arts International Fellow

ISPC Charges:

  • The ISPC will establish goals for internationalization at CMU focusing, for example, on curricula, faculty and staff development, infrastructures, domestic and international programs, and/or programming.
  • Develop plans for implementing 3-, 5-, and 10-year goals for our campus in conjunction with the strategic plans of the university as a whole by the end of spring 2018.
  • Further develop the mission, scope and centrality of the OIA to CMU's campus and as a managing unit of CMU's comprehensive internationalization.

ISPC Roster:

  • Committee Chairs:
    • David Ash, Co-Chair; Dean, Office of Research and Graduate Studies; Interim Executive Director, Office of International Affairs
    • Christi Brookes, Co-Chair; Interim Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Professor of French
  • Committee Members
    • Elaine Betts, Professor of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences
    • Laura Cochrane, Professor of Anthropology
    • Cassandra DeHaan, International Student Coordinator; Special Projects Coordinator, ACE Internationalization Laboratory, CMU
    • Dianne DeSalvo, Director, Study Abroad
    • Megan Doerr, Director, International Outreach and Recruitment
    • Caitlin Hamstra, Associate Director, English Language Institute
    • Anne Hornak, Professor of Educational Leadership
    • Kathy Irwin, Associate Dean, Libraries
    • Kathy Ling, Commissioner and Former Mayor, City of Mount Pleasant
    • Heidi Mahon, Director, College of Science and Engineering Student Services
    • Charles Mahone II, Graduate Student
    • Diane Marble, Interim Director, Teaching and Learning, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
    • Tracy Nakajima, Director, International Student and Scholar Services
    • Eugene Roh, Professor of Hospitality
    • Mariam Saad, Graduate Student
    • Eric H. Tucker, Professor of Music, Voice
    • Tony Voisin, Vice President, Student Services
    • Ellen Wehrman, Assistant Director, Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute