Benefits of Studying Abroad

​​Studying abroad is one of the best ways for students to enhance their resumes and enrich their academic experience. By studying or interning abroad, students are developing intercultural competency that is necessary in today's global society. More and more employers are looking to hire students who have demonstrated the intercultural communication skills required to work in a diverse team and with international partners.  The problem solving skills learned by navigating in a different country and culture are valued.

Very importantly, studies have shown that students who study abroad have higher grades, higher graduation rates and higher job placement than students who do not.​  In a recent CMU study, we learned that CMU students who studied abroad graduated, on average, a year sooner than their peers and had a higher GPA.

Overall, studying abroad can enrich a student's college experience and have a direct impact on their future career path. Through these international experiences, students are becoming more confident, demonstrate greater flexibility and adaptability to new situations, develop a tolerance for ambiguity, and gain a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence that will launch them well into the modern world.

In the news:

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