​​​Studying abroad can give your student a major advantage when it comes to applying for jobs, graduate programs and internships. In today's global society, more and more employers are looking to hire graduates who have demonstrated cultural competency, communication skills and adaptability.

Studying abroad doesn't have to be expensive! We offer tuition exchange programs that allow students to pay regular CMU tuition.​ In addition, a number of low-cost programs are available.

There are plenty of ways to help fund study abroad. Search for one of our low-cost programs or browse available scholarships. Students who receive financial aid through CMU are usually eligible to use that aid toward study abroad costs as well. Talk to an advisor about financial aid qualifications, including scholarships and loans.

Your student's health and safety while abroad is our number one concern. The Office of Study Abroad strives to keep students informed about safety matters. However, recent world events make it necessary for students to also take responsibility for their own safety, to stay informed and make wise decisions. You can find comprehensive information and resources about staying healthy and safe while studying abroad on our health and safety webpage.

Our top priority is to make sure your student leaves the country with as much knowledge and preparation as possible and returns with education and experiences that will last a lifetime. Students are required to complete the Office of Study Abroad orientation program. Support from parents during this process is vital, and we encourage you to browse our website and familiarize yourself with our office and the study abroad program.