Faculty-led programs

​​​Short-term faculty-led programs offer students unique opportunities to enhance academic and cultural learning outside of the United States. Faculty with experience abroad are invited to consider leading a student group abroad.  Please review the resources below to begin the planning and proposal process.

  • The basics

    Considerations when planning to lead a short-term program abroad.

  • Timel​ine

    A guideline to planning a program from beginning to end.
  • Faculty-le​d syllabi​

    Students expect the same thorough and professional syllabus as offered for campus courses.  CETL can assist faculty in creating a syllabus for a faculty-led program.  

  • Planning and proposing a faculty-led program​

    These are the steps to follow proposing and planning a faculty-led program.

  • Pre-propo​sal form

    This form is used  to obtain initial approval from your chair and dean to develop a new faculty-led study abroad program.

  • Recruiting students to participate in your program

    Recruiting students to participate in faculty-led study abroad programs is an essential part of the faculty leader's role. These are some tips and suggestions as you begin program promotion.

  • Standards of good practice​

    The Forum on Education Abroad is a professional study abroad organization that has researched and published the Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs.  All faculty leaders and prospective leaders are strongly encouraged to read the standards. The standards are a helpful resource when designing a new program and can also be referred to throughout the process as a guide for developing and delivering a successful faculty-led program.

  • Accounting proced​ures​

    The university has policies and procedures for expense accounting that pertain to faculty-led programs.  The Office of Study Abroad also has procedures for spending and accounting for program costs.​