Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Proposal Information

Central Michigan University (CMU) is committed to creating transformative global educational experiences for students that will help them become engaged, responsible citizens of a global society.  The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) is the primary administrative office at CMU with the mandate to develop programs that promote meaningful interactions with the world for students, faculty, and staff.   


To prepare graduates to be active and responsible global citizens, a CMU education must intentionally assist students to gain a global perspective - a comprehensive lens through which to perceive and understand the identity of self and others.  A global perspective is inseparable from the acquisition of knowledge and the development of attitudes, competencies, and skills necessary for successful lifelong engagement with multiple perspectives on unavoidable glocal issues, concerns, and problems facing humanity.  


Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs will assist students in gaining knowledge and intercultural perspectives, attitudes, and habits that are at the core of the global citizen in the contemporary world. These programs are not simply classroom-based courses that take place abroad but integrate academic, intercultural, global, and integrative/adaptive learning goals and outcomes in a specific global location in mutually reinforcing ways to produce a transformative experience for students. 


OGE is committed to programs led by CMU faculty that are academically and globally rigorous experiences, and financially accessible to CMU students. We encourage programs that: 

  • Engage students with faculty research and areas of expertise 
  • Engage students in understanding global issues and their local effects 
  • Engage students with diverse cultural locations and intercultural experiences  
  • Help students to develop intercultural knowledge and competence 
  • Are financially accessible to CMU students 

Fundamental Dimensions of CMU model for Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs 

  1. Learning Outcomes and Location Rationale:  
    1. All Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs will be developed around specific learning outcomes in each of the following areas: (1) Academics; (2) Global Learning; (3) Intercultural Knowledge and Competence and (4) Integrative and Adaptive Learning. Proposals must articulate a rationale for the program, the specific location(s) being proposed, and the specific learning outcomes the program will achieve through its curricular and co-curricular components.  
  2. Program Duration and Dates:  
    1. Summer term programs must provide students with an immersive in-country experience for a minimum of 14 days, excluding program travel dates (arrival and departure dates).   Spring semester embedded programs (part of a course) and Spring Break programs may be less than 14 days but should still strive to address the four categories of learning outcomes relative to the scope and nature of the program.  
  3. Diversity of Program Destinations: 
    1. Diversity of destination is essential to intellectual, cultural, and intercultural encounters. OGE encourages faculty leaders to propose programs that provide students with the opportunity to engage cultural contexts beyond the familiar locations in (western) Europe. 

Program proposals that include travel to a country with a travel advisory from the U.S. Department of State or a Centers for Disease Control health warning require an additional review from CMU’s International Travel Risk Assessment and Safety Committee before approval.

For the 2022-23 Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Proposals, the deadlines are:  

​Program Semester

​Initial Proposal Application Deadline

​Final Proposal Application Deadline

​Fall 2022
​August 1, 2021
​October 1, 2021
​Winter Break 2022
​August 1, 2021
​October 1, 2021
​Spring 2023
(including spring break)
​December 1, 2021
​June 1, 2022
​Summer 2023
​December 1, 2021
​June 1, 2022

Consult the following documents for details about the CMU model for Faculty-led Study Abroad programs and proposal process 

The Office of Global Engagement encourages faculty interested in developing and proposing a CMU Faculty-led Study Abroad Program to schedule an initial consultation with WebEx or Teams. 
Dr. Carlos Lopez 
Assistant Director of Study Abroad for Faculty-led Programs 
P: 989-774-4308