Study Abroad Development Grant (SADG)


Educating and training responsible global citizens and effective world leaders are important parts of the international education mission at CMU. Internationa​lization of the curriculum through study abroad and faculty-led programs is a crucial element in making progress toward the stated mission.  The Office of Study Abroad is pleased to invite faculty across disciplines to submit grant proposals to fulfill the goals of the international education mission.​

Proposal Evaluation Guidelines

The evaluation guidelines listed below were developed to support new proposals that will enhance study abroad opportunities offered at CMU.  The expectation is that the SADG will provide funds to allow faculty to visit study abroad sites that offer courses appropriate for students in the particular major/minor.  The SADG will also provide funds for faculty leading new short-term programs abroad to visit the site to plan and finalize the details of the program.  The SADG Committee will review the grant proposals and give priority to grant proposals that address the following criteria:
  1. Assist the University in providing appropriate study sites abroad for students in the major/minor. The plan must include an explanation of how the program will be supported by the department and incorporated into major/minor course requirements.
  2. Explore exciting new opportunities. New study abroad sites and new faculty-led programs must be well-grounded, have sound justification, and be supported by the department and college.
  3. Have long-term sustained impact on international education at CMU. Applicants must demonstrate the value of the proposed new program.  A plan to offer a new faculty-led short-term program at least three times must be included in the proposal.
  4. Cost effectiveness. The funding request must be reasonable and clearly outlined; the proposal must include all other funding sources.
  5. Contacts on-site. Contacts with individuals and/or institutions on-site have already been established for the site visit.
  6. Finalize details. New faculty-led programs will already be in the planning stage and the purpose of the site visit will be to ​finalize arrangements.
  7. Length of site visit. Site visits may be up to five days in length. Applicants must clearly explain the reasons for the length of the visit proposed and provide a tentative agenda.


Faculty may apply for funds to cover reasonable airfare and hotel expenses to supplement funding for the site visit provided by the department and college. ​


Grantees must submit a report within 30 days of the completion of travel that explains how the objectives were met.​

To Apply

To apply please contact:
Dianne De Salvo
Director of Study Abroad
Ronan 330
(989) 774-4308

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting an SADG application for consideration are:
  • October 15
  • February 1
The SADG Committee meets twice per year, shortly after each application deadline, to review grant applications. 
Grant applications must be submitting prior to the planned site visit.  Grant applications requesting retroactive funds for site visits already completed will not be considered.