History of CMU in Ontario

In 1977, Roy Giroux, from St. Clair College, invited Central Michigan University to offer a Master of Arts in Education program in the province of Ontario. Over the past 40+ years, CMU has been offering the Master of Arts in Education program, which focuses on the Ontario college system.  During this time, the program has evolved with the college system to meet the changing needs of the higher education system.  CMU has delivered this program at 18 of the 24 colleges in the province with the longest history at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, which will began its 28th cohort in January 2021.  CMU's MA in Education program has graduated over 2,000 alumni working in the Ontario province throughout every college and in various positions from administrators, faculty, deans, all the way up to college presidents.  In fact, five college presidents and one university president within the province have graduated from this program.  Outside of the college system, graduates from other industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, the military, provincial departments, and others have found the program applicable in their training/education roles within their field. CMU is proud of its graduates and the impact they have made and are continuing to make on the Ontario college system and beyond.