Additional Scholarship Information

​Outside Scholarships

Students may receive scholarships from a variety of non-university affiliated community and private organizations such as fraternal organizations, civic or religious groups, professional, trade or governmental organizations, or private foundations. These scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of academic merit or some special talent, such as athletic or musical ability. You can find information about outside scholarships by using some of the free scholarship searches on the Internet and researching scholarships available in your local area.

Follow helpful search strategies (below) that include using some of the free scholarship searches on the Internet and researching scholarships available in your local area. Most small, local organizations usually do not publicize their scholarships on the Internet, so the competition for their scholarship dollars is often less rigorous. Finding local organizations that offer scholarships can take a lot of work, but the effort usually pays off!

Note: This is a list of scholarships given out by external entities with no relation to CMU.  CMU cannot verify the entities or scholarships and has no affiliation with these organizations.  Scholarship applications should be free. Scholarship services that charge either to search for scholarships, or to file an application, may be scams. 

Helpful hints/advice for searching for scholarships that we recommend for you:

  • Do not pay to apply for a scholarship. Do not pay for any kind of "processing" fee.
  • Begin the scholarship search a year prior to the academic year of the award.
  • Be very careful about providing private information. You should never have to submit your social security number or other confidential information. 
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  • High school seniors should check with high school guidance departments.
    All students should check with local organizations (community service, non-profit agencies, church/religious, and employers.)
  • Search the internet; many scholarships are found simply by exploring personal interests.

List of Outside Scholarship Opportunities:

  • OAS – ROWE FUND financial aid for studies in the United States
The OAS Rowe Fund program grants interest-free student loans to Latin American and Caribbean citizens to help them cover the last two years of undergraduate or graduate studies in U.S. universities. Applications are received and reviewed year-round.
  • OAS – SCHOLARSHIP and training program
The OAS Scholarship program has established partnerships with diverse institutions to provide nationals of OAS member states with greater access to quality higher education opportunities including academic degrees, professional development and technical/vocational training.
  • OAS – INTERNSHIP for students and young professionals
The OAS Internship program provides students and young professionals with the opportunity to acquire significant knowledge of the OAS, its activities, structure, and relations with the Western Hemisphere while they are working in their field of studies.
  • The Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS)
The MOAS is a simulation exercise in which, through role-playing, students represent the diplomats and political officials of the OAS Member States.  It is designed to familiarize students, faculty and academic institutions of the Americas with the work of the OAS and its Member States.

  • Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship 
The Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship will be awarded annually to an international student who shares the same passion for technology and entrepreneurship that we do. SchoolApply will offer up to $30,000 to contribute towards the successful applicant's tuition fee.

Another way to search for scholarships is to use specialized scholarship search sites on the web. The sites listed here are among the most popular search sites.  Remember, you should never pay for a scholarship search or to apply for any scholarship. You can find many more scholarship opportunities and resources by using a scholarship search website, such as: