Adding an F-2 Dependent to Your Current I-20

This information is for students who are already at CMU on an active I-20 and who would like to add their spouse (husband or wife) or child/children as an F-2 dependent. New students soon to arrive at CMU will list any dependents they wish to bring and submit all required documentation when they submit their initial I-20 request application.

In you plan to have your spouse (husband or wife) or any children under the age of 21 accompany you to the United States while you study, each person must be listed as a dependent on your I-20. Each dependent must also apply for and be granted an F-2 visa by a U.S. embassy or consulate to enter the United States. They must additionally be granted F-2 status either through entry or change of status. This is not necessary, however, if your spouse/children plan to study in the United States on their own F-1 visa or if they plan to reside in the United States under a different visa status. Keep in mind that OGE cannot advise you on other visa types.

To add an F-2 dependent (click on a step to show directions):

If you have additional questions about adding F-2 dependents, please email