F-1 Extension of Stay

General Information

F-1 students who are currently maintaining status and making normal progress toward completing their educational objective, but who is unable to complete their course of study by the end date listed on their Form I-20, may be eligible to extend their F-1 status. Students who require additional time in F-1 status in the United States to complete program requirements must apply for an extension of their I-20 BEFORE their current I-20 end date.

Extension Request Process

To extend your F-1 status, follow these steps:

​FAQs about Extensions

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Likely not. An I-20 extension is needed and can be granted only if you need an additional semester to complete your program. If you need a few extra weeks to finish up your program, an extension is not needed. Remember that an expired I-20 does not impact your academic program or otherwise prevent you from earning your degree. Also remember that you have a 60-day grace period in which you can remain in the United States and prepare for departure. An extension is only needed if you require time in the United States beyond this 60-day grace period to complete your program.

If you have questions about your specific scenario, please consult with an OGE advisor.
No. Your I-20 can be extended only if you require additional time to complete degree requirements. Personal, non-academic reasons (e.g. travel plans, medical care, etc.) are not relevant to F-1 status and can therefore not be used to extend your I-20. If you have questions about your specific scenario, please consult with an OGE advisor.
No. I-20 extensions can only be approved and processed if the I-20 end date has not yet passed. Keep in mind that F-1 students do have a 60-day grace period after the I-20 end date in which to prepare for departure, begin a new academic program (change of education level), transfer the I-20 to another school, or request authorization for OPT. 
No. Extensions of stay are to extend an I-20 end date only. As long as you are admitted to the United States in F-1 status and continue to maintain valid status, it is not necessary to extend or re-apply for a visa. You will, however, not be able to leave the country and return in F-1 status with an expired F-1 visa.
You should consult with a qualified immigration attorney about your specific case. You can find an attorney here: https://www.ailalawyer.com