I-20 Major & Minor Changes

The Office of International Affairs receives a daily data update from CMU's student information system. Part of this update includes major and minor changes. Therefore, you do not need to notify OIA of any major or minor changes. We will see this change and automatically update your I-20. You will receive an email regarding this change along with a link to request a new printed copy of your I-20. This process should happen within one week of your major or minor being entered into CMU's system. 

Please note that changing your education level (e.g. moving from an undergraduate degree to a graduate degree) is not the same as changing your major or minor. If you are thinking about completing another degree after you graduate, OIA will contact you about your new I-20 as part of your admissions process. If you are an ELI student who has recently completed your ELI requirement, please submit an I-20 print reqest form. An OIA staff member will contact you if more information is needed to process your change of level.

 Important Notes about I-20 Majors and Minors

  • To change your major or minor, please consult a faculty or academic advisor. OIA cannot change your major or minor. OIA will also not add a major to your I-20 unless it is on file with the university. Once you sign a major, it may take a week or longer for OIA to be notified of that change.
  • To see what majors and minors are being reported to SEVIS, log in to My OIA at https://oia-intl.cmich.edu. Once you've logged in, click on Edit Profile > Information. The information next to the "Major" and "Minor" fields is what CMU has on file for major(s) and minor. The information next to each "CIP Code" field is what OIA reports to SEVIS (see below if the Major/Minor fields differ from the CIP Code fields). If the information in the two major CIP Code fields is different than what is on the signed copy of the I-20 you have, please submit an I-20 print request to receive an updated I-20. EXCEPTION 1: If My OIA shows "Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies" as your CIP code but your I-20 shows a specific academic program, your I-20 has not changed. This happens only if you haven't yet signed a major. If you sign a major in the future that differs from what is on your I-20, your I-20 major will be updated at that time following the process outlined above. EXCEPTION 2: If you are a graduate student in two programs, My OIA will only show one program. Your I-20, however, should show both. If your I-20 only shows one, please use the I-20 print request form to get this added. We are working to correct this issue in My OIA.
  • The wording of the majors on your I-20 may differ from how CMU identifies your majors in its system. This is because CMU is required to report our majors using a set list of programs the U.S. Department of Education has created. For I-20 majors, we choose your program of study from this list based on what we believe to be most representative of what you are studying at CMU, even if the wording is different.
  • Only two majors and one minor can be reported to SEVIS. However, only your majors will appear on your I-20. While we will still report your minor to SEVIS, it will not appear on your printed I-20. If you have more than one minor, OIA will report the most recent minor you signed.
  • Eligibility for the 24-month OPT STEM extension is determined by the majors listed on your I-20. To determine eligibility, see the STEM designated degree program list available through the Study in the States website.