I-20 Print Request

Use the button below to request a new I-20 if:

  • You lost your original copy
  • Your original copy is damaged
  • You are away from Mount Pleasant and need an updated travel signature on page 2 (NOTE: travel signatures are valid for 6 months; you need a new signature for travel only if your current I-20 is not signed on page 2 or if the signature on page 2 will be older than 6 months at the time of your re-entry into the U.S.)
  • You recently completed your ELI requirement and need an updated I-20 showing your program of study and English proficiency
DO NOT use this request if:
  • Your major has changed (OGE will automatically update your I-20 and contact you when a new I-20 is ready for pick-up)
  • You are a newly-admitted student who needs an I-20 following admission (email oiainfo@cmich.edu instead); this includes current CMU students granted admission to a new program

Important Notes about Your I-20

  • Keep the original copy of every I-20 you've received.
  • Only carry your most recent I-20 when you travel. Only show this most recent copy when asked at a port of entry.
  • Remember to get a travel signature before you depart the United States if plan on returning. OPT students outside of Mount Pleasant can request a signature through this form. Students in Mount Pleasant should drop their current I-20 off in the OIA office for an advisor to sign.

Request a New I-20 Now

NOTE: If you selected to have your I-20 mailed, a $20 shipping payment is required for U.S. mailings and a $50 shipping payment is required for international mailings. Instructions on how to complete the payment will be emailed to you within 1 to 2 business days following your request.