I-20 Print Request

You can request a new I-20 if you lose your original copy, if your program of study has recently changed, if you are have recently completed your ELI requirement, or if you are on OPT away from Mount Pleasant and require a travel signature. There might be certain print request situations that require you to meet with an OIA advisor or to submit supporting documentation. You will be contacted if a meeting or if additional information is required.

Important Notes about Your I-20

  • Keep the original copy of every I-20 you've received.
  • Only carry your most recent I-20 when you travel. Only show this most recent copy when asked at a port of entry.
  • Remember to get a travel signature before you depart the United States if plan on returning. OPT students outside of Mount Pleasant can request a signature through this form. Students in Mount Pleasant should drop their current I-20 off in the OIA office for an advisor to sign.

Request a New I-20 Now

NOTE: If you selected to have your I-20 mailed, a $20 shipping payment is required. Instructions on how to complete the payment will be emailed to you within 1 to 2 business days following your request.