On Top of the World: 2017-2018 Featured Students

 Habeebat Diaw


Country of Origin: Senegal

Level of Study: Graduate Student

Program: Master of Science in Administration: Human Resources Administration

Featured: May 2018

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 Mominul Hoque


Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Level of Study: Graduate Student

Program: MS in Fashion Merchandising; MS in Information Systems

Featured: April 2018

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 Han Xie

Han Xie

Country of Origin: China

Level of Study: Alumna, 2015 graduate

Program: MS in Information Systems

Featured: February 2018

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 Mariam Saad

Mariam Saad

Country of Origin: Lebanon

Level of Study: Graduate Student

Major: Master of Science in Administration

Featured: January 2018

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 Paulina Otero Sequeiros


Country of Origin: Mexico

Level of Study: Undergraduate; Junior

Major: Neuroscience & Biochemistry

Featured: December 2017

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 Umair Hussain Shah


Country of Origin: Pakistan

Level of Study: Graduate Student

Program: M.S. in Engineering

Featured: November 2017

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