Friendship Family Program

Student talking with child and mother The Friendship Family Program seeks to acquaint CMU international students with life in the U.S. and to acquaint Mt. Pleasant area residents with life in other countries and cultures. Through this program international students establish a friendly, supportive link to the community.

Friendship families are single and/or married persons who desire to know more about CMU international students and their cultures. Sharing activities together is a popular way of learning about each other. Some activities might include sharing a family meal, attending a cultural or sporting event, taking a sightseeing trip around the area, attending picnics, observing holidays, going to movies or shopping together. Activities shared depend on the interests of both the American family and the student. Families are in contact with the student at least three or four times during the semester.

Friendship families do not provide home stays; students provide their own housing. However, families often provide transportation to and from joint activities, since many students do not have their own vehicles. Friendship Families are not to assume any responsibility for financial, immigration, academic, employment, health or serious adjustment problems; these issues are handled by staff in the Office of International Affairs.