University Health Services

Health Insurance
While Central Michigan University believes that it is in the best interest of all students to maintain health insurance coverage, the university will no longer automatically enroll international students into CMU's recommended health insurance plan. F-1 international students are not required to present proof of health insurance coverage to the university. Students, and scholars, in J-1 Exchange Visitor status however are required to present proof of health insurance coverage that meets the J-1 visa requirements to the Office of International Affairs.
Our office continues to recommend that all students consider health insurance while in the United States to be a necessity. Health care costs in the US are extremely high and just one illness or visit to the hospital can cause international students enormous debt if they do not have insurance coverage. The OIA and University Health Services cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that students are covered by an adequate insurance plan while they are studying here at Central Michigan University.
CMU has partnered with Collegiate Risk Management to offer a policy that is affordable yet provides essential coverage. International students who choose to purchase the university-sponsored health insurance plan may continue to do so. Please visit the University Healt​h Services website for a link to the plan overview and online enrollment information.​
Additional Resources
In addition to the CMU health insurance plan, other companies that offer insurance which covers the J-1 requirements and meets the needs of F-1 international students are shown below. Please visit the companies website for alternative policies. - select tab for Insurance Plans - select tab for Students or Scholars