Faculty-led programs

​​​Short-term faculty-led programs are an ideal avenue through which your students will expand their academic horizons and experience new cultures. Please review the resources below to begin the planning and proposal process.

  • The basics

    Considerations for leading a program abroad.

  • Timel​ine

    These are the basic steps involved in planning a faculty-led study abroad program.

  • Faculty-le​d syllabi​

    Syllabi must reflect the learning goals and academic and cultural experiences abroad. This webinar provides insight on building a faculty-led study abroad syllabus.

  • Planning and proposing a faculty-led program​

    These are the steps to follow to propose a faculty-led program.

  • Pre-propo​sal form

    This form is used to provide an overview of the program to gain initial approval from your chair and dean to develop a new faculty-led study abroad program.

  • Promoting faculty-led programs

    Recruiting students to participate in faculty-led study abroad programs is an essential part of the faculty leader's role. These are some tips and suggestions for recruiting students.

  • Standards of good practice​

    The Forum on Education Abroad, a professional study abroad organization of which CMU is a member, published the Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs. All faculty leaders and prospective leaders are strongly encouraged to read the standards.

  • Accounting proced​ures​

    The university has policies and procedures for expense accounting that pertain to faculty-led programs.​