MAC Scholars in the News

​Our MAC Scholars are EVERYWHERE doing WONDERFUL things on and off the campus of Central Michigan University!  Check out a few of those things below.

Meet Mateo Savedra!
Click on the picture to learn more about Mateo's Fire Up Zips project!
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Port Huron freshman (now junior) Mateo Savedra, with help from Multicultural Academic Student Services staff members, collected more than 200 new or gently used pairs of jeans. After learning about the Teens for Jeans campaign online, Savedra organized collections across campus and in his residence hall. Savedra recently donated the denim to local organizations to help clothe youth in the area. Delighted with the project's success, Savedra looks forward to seeing the number of jeans collected rise next year.
Read Mateo's Fire Up Zips Newsletter, by clicking