Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer Scholars

The Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer Scholarships are awarded to students who have previously exemplified in high school and pledged a continued commitment at Central Michigan University to academic achievement, community service, enhancing diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion. All freshmen scholars live in the Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer Scholars Residential College located in Troutman Hall. This dynamic new living and learning community aims to increase student success and retention through academic and social support services. Emphasis is placed on promoting academic achievement, increasing support through peer relationships, and encouraging individual growth at Central Michigan University.

The residents (also known as Diversity Champions) of the Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer Residential College believe in and are committed to promoting educational excellence, diversity, and community service in order to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the Central Michigan University and Mt. Pleasant communities.


The workshops, social activities, and programs hosted by the MACRC provide students with valuable experiences that contribute to individual success through:

  • Academic planning
  • Career planning
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Campus involvement
  • Peer mentoring/advising
  • Peer tutoring
  • Civic engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity and cultural understanding

First year participants enjoy reduced occupancy with three people per suite. Second, third or fourth year participants enjoy reduced occupancy with two people per suite. In addition, some of the other unique opportunities offered include, but are not limited to:

Freedom Center 2
  • Assistance from peer advisors
  • Access to personal tutors
  • Study hall sessions
  • Four-year academic planning sessions
  • Cultural field trips
  • Group community services projects
  • Diversity training workshops
  • End of the year all scholars awards banquet and dinner
  • Serving as floor representatives for the residential college

Located centrally as part of the Towers complex, residents have the easy access to the fitness center, convenience store, residential restaurant, video and gaming rental shop, math and writing center, academic advisors and computer lab. The MACRC accomplishes its goal by creating a close-knit community of scholars and University represented "diversity champions" who are socially active and concerned with promoting diversity and understanding on our campus and in our community.

Contact Information
Multicultural Academic Student Services
Bovee University Center 112
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
 774-3945 (989)
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