Current Scholars

​​2016 Cohort

Blackburn_Robertson.jpgAshley Blackburn - Public History
Public Awareness’ Effect on Preservation, Destruction, and Looting of Ancient Historical Sites in Iraq and Syria​
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. John Robertson

Bosley_Karp.jpgScott Bosley - Biomedical Sciences
Investigating Regulation of the Heterochronic Pathway in Caenorhabditis Elegan
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Xantha Karp

Esparza_Juris.jpgAlec Esparza - Biomedical Sciences
Location of a Critical Binding Region in the ACD of the Vibrio cholerae MARTX toxin
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Stephen Juris

Green_McDermott.jpgAshley Green - English, Psychology
Identity Through the Lens of Afrofuturism
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kristen McDermott

Greene_Kinney.jpgAlyssa Greene - Sociology
The Effects of School Climate on Academic Behavior
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. David Kinney

Hannah_Hartshorne.jpgMichael Hannah - Psychology
Stepfathers in Complex Stepfamilies
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Hartshorne

Holland_Morelli.jpgAndrew Holland - Computer Science
Gesture-Based Authentication: A Memorable Alternative
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tony Morelli

Mrozek_Quirk.jpgMelanie Mrozek - Psychology
The Effects of Emotional Activation on the Eye Behavior of Socially Anxious Individuals 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stuart Quirk

Peacock_Ampaw.jpgJennifer Peacock - Cultural and Global Studies
First-Generation Students Journey to College 
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Frim Ampaw

Santos_Rosca.jpgJoel Santos - Biomedical Sciences
Alterations of Mitochondrial Respiration in Cultured Cardiomyocytes Incubated in Diabetogenic Conditions​
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Mariana Rosca