Welcome to McNair!

Greetings and thanks for stopping by. 
We have TWO primary announcements at the moment.

The first is that we invite the university community to come and see our 2013 McNair scholars present their research at our McNair Fall Research Symposium on Friday, September 27 from 1 – 4 p.m. in the Park Library auditorium. Our scholars have been working hard this summer – conducting research with their faculty mentors and preparing to apply to graduate school. We are so proud of their accomplishments and can’t wait to hear all about their results. Please join us!


Secondly, we are currently recruiting McNair scholars for our 2014 cohort. Please see our “enticement” below if you think you qualify for McNair and want to get your Ph.D. We are looking forward to meeting you!

So here goes….

Have you thought about pursuing your Ph.D.? Perhaps you should if any of the following resonate with you.      

>>> You are really passionate about a certain subject area or topic – you just need to know more! 

>>> You are always asking probing questions about life and trying to figure things out. 

>>> You could see yourself being a professor and being an awesome mentor and teacher to students just like yourself! 

>>> You know that you want to have control over the direction of your creative capacities and the focus of your work.

>>> You want to contribute to the body of knowledge on a certain subject area by conducting research and publishing scholarly articles.

>>> You are academically oriented and find yourself thriving in the university environment – you could see yourself making the university your “professional home” too.

>>> You know how to work hard, you take initiative, are proactive with your studies and learning and you aren’t afraid to forge partnerships with others.

T​he McNair Program works with low income and first generation college students and underrepresented students who want to get their Ph.D. 

If you think you fit these criteria, then we invite you to take the Ph.D. Challenge.

>>> Go to three professors in your field of study – or professors you’ve had that you think are cool – and ask them why you should get your Ph.D. JUST DO IT. See what kind of answers you find. Learn about the possibilities. You might even ask them why they got their Ph.D. and what research they do. If you like what they say, come and talk to us. You need to be a McNair scholar.

Take YOUR Ph.D. Challenge and then click the link below – we’ll get in touch ASAP to set up a session to talk details.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to be a low income and first generation college student – if you receive a Pell grant and your parent(s) haven’t received an actual bachelor’s degree (they can have an associate’s or have taken college courses) – then you qualify.

>>> Ideally, we seek underrepresented students (those considered underrepresented in graduate education including Native American, Hispanic and African American) who are also low income and first generation college students; we can accept a small percentage of students who qualify strictly as underrepresented.

>>> Plus, you need to have enough time left @ CMU in order to participate in McNair – we are looking for students graduating May 2015 and beyond.

SPECIAL ALERT: We are especially interested in recruiting students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as mandated by our federal grant. If you are in a STEM field – click link below for fast access to the McNair opportunity.

Follow this link if you are a STEM student:

Application deadline is October 28 – so we want to talk to you NOW.

Click HERE to learn more about the McNair experience and click HERE ​to see what our current scholars are up to. Come and see them present their research (this is what it’s all about) on Friday, September 27 from 1 – 4 p.m. in Park Library auditorium. It’s probably the best way to see how YOU can grow and evolve as a McNair scholar.

And one more thing! Please feel free to explore our personal McNair web/blog site that we use with our current scholars and alumni. You can view schedules from the Summer Research Institute, links to our scholar blogs, posts on a variety of topics, academic and otherwise. We also have a link from this site to McNair pics on our Flickr site. In short, you will get the "true flavor" of McNair, who we are and how this can become a special experience for you.