Native American Heritage Month
​​​​Presidential Proclamation 

"As the first people to live on the land we all cherish, American Indians and Alaska Natives have profoundly shaped our country's character and our cultural heritage. Today, Native Americans are leaders in every aspect of our society -- from the classroom, to the boardroom, to the battlefield. This month, we celebrate and honor the many ways American Indians and Alaska Natives have enriched our Nation, and we renew our commitment to respecting each tribe's identity while ensuring equal opportunity to pursue the American dream."

​President Barack Obama

View the entire Presi​dential Proclamation here.

2015 - ​details to come.

2014 Event Details -

Environmental Awareness Day                                        November 1
Bovee University Center                                                 12:00pm-2:00pm
Out of respect for the Native American tradition of honoring Mother Earth, the North American Indigenous Student Organization is coordinating a campus-wide cleanup to kick off Native American Heritage Month. Register to volunteer on OrgSync Sponsored by: NAISO, Native American Programs

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anton Treuer                                   November 6
Park Library Auditorium                                                   6:30pm-8:30pm
Executive Director of the American Indian Resource Center at Bemidji State University and author of 13 books. He has a B.A. from Princeton University and a M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He is editor of the Oshkaabewis (pronounced o-shkaah-bay-wis) Native Journal, the only academic journal of the Ojibwe language. Sponsored by: Native American Programs, College of Humanities, Social, Behavioral Sciences, King, Chavez, Parks Iniative, Office for Institutional Diversity

Native American Heritage Month Food Taster                    November 10
UC Rotunda                                                                     5:00pm-7:00pm

Traditional and contemporary Native American cuisine followed by traditional singing and dancing. CMU student w/ ID $3, General Public $5  Sponsored by: NAISO, SBAC, Ziibiwing Cultural Center

Indigenous Film Series: Incident at Oglala                        November 12

UC Auditorium                                                                 5:00pm-7:00pm

In 1975, armed FBI agents illegally entered the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Gunfire erupted-a Native American and two FBI agents fell dead. After the largest manhunt in FBI history, three men were apprehended-only one, Leonard Peltier, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. This is his story. Sponsored by: Native American Programs

Indian Radio Days Readers Theater                             November 17

Park Library Auditorium                                              6:30pm-8:30pm        

A play by LeAnne Howe and Roxy Gordon, it provokes thought about how American Indians will define their identity in contemporary society. Free and open to the public. Performance by Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College Students. Sponsored by: Native American Programs

Soup & Substance                                                          November 18

UC Terrace Rooms                                                         12:00pm-1:00pm

Torn: Recovering California's Stolen Cultural Heritage  

In the desolate Owens Valley, looters have been stealing or destroying ancient artifacts, including petroglyphs thousands of years old. Join archeologists, Native American tribal members, and federal land officials as they try to recover these priceless pieces of the past, while restoring and protecting them for future generations. Sponsored by: Office of Diversity Education, Native American Programs, Ziibiwing Cultural Center

Indigenous Film Series: Smoke Signals                           November 24

UC 108 (CID)                                                                 4:00pm-5:30pm

Smoke Signals is a humorous yet serious story about Victor, a young man who Director Chris Eyre describes as "trying to forgive his father." The movie gives us a glimpse into the contemporary Native American world, and is created by an almost exclusively Native American cast.  Sponsored by: Native American Programs         

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