Religious Holidays


of the major world religions, through June 30, 2016

For a more inclusive list of interfaith holidays, please go to  CMU's policy on accommodating religious obligations, Policy No. 3-16, can be found here

Native American holy days: Though there are no set dates, major ceremonies tend to fall around the full moon and the solstices.


Jan 1 Gantan-sai (Shinto New Year)

Jan 7 Feast of the Nativity (some Orthodox Christians; date can vary depending on country)

Jan 24- 27 Mahayana (Buddhist)

Feb 8 Chinese New Year (Confucian/Daoist/Buddhist)

Feb 10 Ash Wednesday (Christian beginning of Lent, a period of abstinence)

Feb 15 Nirvana Day (Buddhist; date can vary depending on country)

Mar 20 Ostara (Wiccan; northern hemisphere)

Mar 23 Magha Puja Day (Buddhist; date can vary depending on country)

Mar 20-21 Naw Ruz begins at sundown Mar 20 (7:51pm) and ends at sundown Mar 21 (7:52pm) ( (Baha'i; New Year)

Mar 20 Palm Sunday (Christian)

Mar 25 Good Friday (Christian)

Mar 27 Easter (Christian)

Apr 14 Baisakhi (Sikh)

Apr 15 Ramanavami (Hindu; date can vary depending on country)

Apr 22-30 Pesach begins at sundown Mar 22 and continues through sundown Apr 30 (Jewish; Passover--the first two nights are the most important)

May 1 Beltane begins at sundown and ends at sundown May 1(Wiccan; northern hemisphere)

May 1 Easter (Orthodox Christian)

May 15 Visakha Puja-Buddha Day (Buddhist)

May 28-29 Ascension of Baha'u'llah begins at sundown May 28 (9:10pm) and ends at sundown May 29 (9:11pm) (Baha'i)

June 19- Juneteenth (Observed as the day African Americans were emancipated.)

Jun 19-20 Litha begins at sundown on Jun 19 (9:23pm) and ends at sundown on Jun 21 (9:24pm) (Wiccan; northern hemisphere)​