What is diversity?

Multicultural Workshop In the context of CMU, diversity is defined as:
  • The range of differences among people in the CMU community
  • An attitude that recognizes the value and contributions of all members of our community
  • A commitment to respect and to provide equitable treatment for members of our community

Why is inclusiveness and respecting diversity important?
  • Diversity helps us learn about ourselves. Through learning about others, we learn about ourselves, our limited perceptions, and the possibilities present to us.
  • Inclusiveness helps us build trust by promoting understanding and breaking down prejudice. A community can only be strong and healthy when built upon trust.
  • Through active participation in a diverse community, we can develop our interpersonal skills, allowing us to grow as leaders who can take advantage of opportunities in our work and personal lives.
  • Active participation in diversity also equips us with new ways of solving problems and helps us to focus on our similarities rather than our differences. It helps us think outside of the box.
  • Did you know that 70 percent of the market potential for U.S.-based businesses lies outside the U.S.? Ninety percent of potential for growth for Japanese businesses lies outside Japan. For Germany, the largest single country in Europe, the world marketing potential is 94 percent outside Germany (Global Marketing, Keegan, W. & Green, M). Businesses cannot afford to be ethnocentric in their approaches anymore. They need to understand the culture and norms of people in different nations to stay competitive. For that, they need to recruit employees who are open to different cultures and beliefs. Your future depends on your current ability to engage, communicate, and develop relationships with diverse people.

There are many more reasons why diversity is important. Click here to share your thoughts with us.


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