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2012-231-004  Colleen Green -Native American Prog
Colleen Green, Director of STEP and of Office of Native​ American Programs, is a tribal member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians.  She graduated from Mid Michigan Community College in 2005 with an Associates of Arts, Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education in 2007 and a Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009.  Colleen is blessed with three sons and a wonderful husband.  While attending CMU as an undergrad, Colleen was President of the North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO). She is a national member of the AISES Organization.

Colleen Green​
Director of Student Transition Enrichment Program
Bovee University Center 110-C
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859​
Office: (989) 774-2508​
Fax: (989) 774-1727 ​​

2017H-014-002    Kasey McCullough -Native Amer Prog.jpgKasey McCullough
Academic Advisor, Student Transition Enrichment Program
Ronan Hall 230
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Office: (989) 774-2508
Fax: (989) 774-1727

2014-221-001  Cheryl Merryman -NAP.jpgCheryl Merryman
Executive​ Secretary, Student Transition Enrichment Program​
Bovee University Center 110
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Office: (989) 774-2508
Fax: (989) 774-1727 
Email: MiCUP-STEP@cmich.edu​

The Student Transition Enrichment Program (STEP) at Central Michigan University is a great place to continue your pursuit of a four-year degree. STEP reaches out to first generation and/or Pell eligible transfer students to help them navigate through the maze of  a four-year institution. The program is sponsored by the State of Michigan, Workforce Development Agency, and King Chavez Parks (KCP) Initiative.​​