On-Campus Workshops


As a STEP participant who is now attending CMU, you will participate in two on-campus workshops per semester. ​This fall, the Office of Student Success is offering a "GPS (Goals, Priorities, Strategies) Success: The Road to Success" workshop series on some Tuesdays at 7pm (and as webinars the following day​ at 12pm)​. This series aims to guide students on their "Road to Success" and help them improve their ​CMU experience.

In addition to "GPS Success: The Road to Success" workshops, OSS will host "Conversations with Coaches," which provide an opportunity to participate in weekly group coaching sessions throughout the semester. Sessions are arranged based on interest and availability.​ Find more information about the Office of Student Success here.

GPS Success topics may include:

  • ​Motivation and Personal Strengths
  • Study Skills, Note-Taking, and Effective Reading
  • Stress Reduction, Time Management, and Goal-Setting
  • Integrating Your Passions​ and Values into Your CMU Experience
  • Student Services and Getting Involved​
Check out the calendar below for workshop information, or click here to the Office of Student Success workshop/conversation schedule​ on​ their website.

*These workshops, as well as others offered at CMU, may ​count toward your 2 workshops per semester expectation (1st year at CMU only). Report back the title, date, time, and host information​ to STEP Academic Advisor, at MiCUP-STEP@cmich.edu to receive credit.

 Upcoming On-Campus Workshops

The Student Transition Enrichment Program (STEP) at Central Michigan University is a great place to continue your pursuit of a four-year degree. STEP reaches out to first generation and/or Pell eligible transfer students to help them navigate through the maze of  a four-year institution. The program is sponsored by the State of Michigan, Workforce Development Agency, and King Chavez Parks (KCP) Initiative.