Bias Incident Response Team

Recognizing a Bias Incident

Bias incidents take many forms – words, signs, symbols, threats or actions – in electronic or real-time. They include intimidation, vandalism, destruction of property, harassment, and expressions of hate or hostility.

Reporting Bias Incidents

Anytime anyone in the CMU community feels belittled, disrespected, threatened, or unsafe because of who they are, the entire university community is diminished. That’s why it’s important to report all bias incidents – even those intended as jokes. If you have observed or experienced a bias incident, it should be reported as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to contact a faculty or staff member with whom they are comfortable for guidance and support. To report an incident, call any one of the offices listed below.

CMU Police (24 hours) 774-3081
Affirmative Action Office 774-3253
Counseling Center 774-3381
Dean of Students Office 774-3346
Human Resources 774-6447
Off Campus Programs 774-3205
Office for Institutional Diversity 774-3700
Office of International Affairs 774-4308
Residence Life 774-3111
Sexual Aggression Services 774-6677
Student Disability Services 774-3018
Student Ombuds Office 774-3010
Women’s Studies Programs 774-3601

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