CHIP and BUMP Partnership



BUMP stands for Biology Undergraduate Mentoring Program; it is a scholarship for minority students interested in careers in the sciences. The program gives students the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a research laboratory with the faculty member of their choice. The BUMP program focuses to mentor students interested in entering graduate school. To find out more information about the BUMP Program please visit the BUMP website.

CHIPS is a partnership between the BUMP program and Holmes Middle School in Flint, MI. C.H.I.P.S. stands for CMU & Holmes Initiative for Prospective Scientists. The program serves to help a middle school science class learn more about careers in the sciences. The program also serves to help middle school students to gain more interest in careers in the science pathway.
During a recent visit to CMU the Holmes students got the opportunity to complete activities in three different science research laboratories. Current BUMP scholars served as panel members helping to educate students on the different careers in the science field.

The students also went on a tour of campus and had lunch with BUMP Scholars where they were able to get all of their questions about college and science answered. After a day full of activities the students had a bowling tournament in the SAC as another way to develop a relationship between them and their mentors.

The current BUMP scholars worked together over the summer to help clean the Chippewa River. They traveled in canoes down the river collecting trash to help keep our water clean.