Mid-Winter College Tour 2014

On February 19th, we kicked off our annual Mid-Winter College Tour​ with a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI.  The Memorial Center weaved an intricate picture of the events surrounding the Holocaust.  Students were able to participate in a docent-guided tour and listen to a presentation by a Holocaust survivor. 

We continued our trip to Central Michigan University.  After exploring one of their great cafeterias for dinner with Upward Bound alumni, we attended a speech by author Chris Albani, the keynote in CMU's Black History Month series.  Mr. Albani was entertaining and engaging while sharing his rich experiences and how writing has become such an important part of his life.

During the trip we toured Alma College and were able to see a small, private university and learn about the programs offered there. 

As part of our partnership with the College of Education and Human Services, current education majors lead ACT-prep sessions for Upward Bound students as part of an interview process for teaching in Upward Bound's Summer Academy

After tours and lessons, it was time for some fun.  We went out to eat and had some freindly compitition as we bowled at CMU's Student Activities Center. 

We finished off our tour with a visit to Oakland Community College, including a tour of campus and a presentation of the academics offered.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the student tour guides and ask them about college life and academics. 

Many of our students expressed interest in applying to the colleges we visited.  We are happy to be able to take our students on these trips.  Students invited on these trips are selected based on their participation in the program (tutoring, College Goal Saturdays, Parent and Student meetings).  We look forward to our next college tour in April!