UBSA 2014

2014UBSAacademic.JPGOn June 23rd, we kicked off our 15th annual Upward Bound Summer Academy. The students started off with a rigorous 2-week component of ACT Prep, where they were taught useful strategies to gaining a high score on the ACT. Along with the ACT Prep, the students spent a day volunteering at Cass Community Services in Detroit.

We continued our 2014 Summer Academy in Mount Pleasant on CMU's Main Campus. There, the students spent 3 weeks living on campus and taking science, English, math and reading courses that would give them a head start for the upcoming academic year. The students explored atoms and mole​cules​, read novels, calculated the circumference of a circle, budgeted for their first semester of college, and much more. Our students were challenged in so many ways academically.

After working academically Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm the students were able to unwind and have some fun. Evening activities mentors planned out events for the students, such as mini golf, skating, bowling, and movie nights. Mentors were able to speak with the students about life and academics while participating in the events together. The evenings were a time for the students to grow socially.

2014UBSAenrichment1.JPGWe finished off our 3-week component with a closing ceremony. The staff had the opportunity to recognize the students for all their hard work and effort put into the completion of the summer. The students also recognized the staff. Overall the summer was a success and we are looking forward to the Out Of Class Learning Experience where the students will visit colleges and universities in Ohio and Kentucky, as well as learning about the surrounding areas.​