Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)


​The Security Incident Response Team is charged with response to any security incidents related to CMU's data or systems, as well as the investigation of other matters referred to it by CMU's General Counsel and abuse complaints submitted by CMU faculty, staff, or students. SIRT prepares a report of campus-wide digital security threats each semester and makes recommendations to the Technology Planning Council relative to new policies or processes that will enhance the security of CMU's data and systems.

Steering Committee

  • Mark Herron - Chief Information Security Officer​, OIT
  • Eric Lorenz - Director/Infrastructure and Security, OIT
  • Mark Strandskov - Associate Director, Networks, OIT
  • Lisa Benic - Associate Director Data and CRM Services, OIT
  • Tim Gramza - Manager, Technology, CHSBS
  • Mel Taylor - Manager, Technology, College of Science and Engineering (SE)
  • Barry Cook - Associate Director, Technology Operations, Aux Svcs
  • Mike Molter - Manager, IT Support Services, CMED
  • Jerry Todd - Associate Director, Applications & System Integrations, OIT
  • Ben Andera - Executive Director Academic and Research Computing, OIT