Web Governance Council


The Web Governance Council (WGC) is charged with development and oversight of policy regarding the use of CMU's webspace.​​  The WGC meets as needed and can be contacted through WGC_contact@cmich.edu​.


The membership of the WGC consists of:

  • Roger Rehm, Vice President for Information Technolog​y-CIO, OIT​, Chair
  • Sherry Knight, Associate Vice President/University Communications
  • Steven Johnson, Vice President/Enrollment and Student Services
  • Marcie Otteman, Executive Director/Alumni Relations
  • David Ash, Faculty Member and Chairperson/Chemistry
  • Dale-Elizabeth​ Pehrsson, Dean/Education and Human Services
  • Greg Smith, Faculty member/History
  • Pete Ross, Vice President/Global Campus​
  • Marie Reimers, Student and SGA President
  • Susan Taylor, Student