Microsoft Campus Agreement Software Distribution Policy

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Due to increasing concerns from Microsoft over inappropriate software distribution and copying, the university is required to closely monitor the process by which its site-licensed software is administered. It is the responsibility of university technicians to maintain a reasonable level of oversight over the distribution and installation of all Microsoft site-licensed software.


CMU is contractually obligated through the Microsoft Campus Agreement to maintain an acceptable level of oversight regarding the distribution and installation of its software applications. This policy provides a campus-wide framework for effective oversight of university-licensed Microsoft products.


Access to Microsoft products for on-campus use:
For security purposes, volume-license keys will no longer be provided to end-users. A volume-license key is a single key that allows multiple users to install duplicated copies of software applications on their individual computers. This means that duplicated, volume-licensed software will no longer be available to end-users for purchase or check-out through the IT Help Desk. Instead, volume-licensed software titles may be acquired through three methods:
  • Automated software installation through the Systems Management Server (SMS)
  • On-site installation through the user’s college or departmental technician
  • On-site installation through the IT Help Desk (work orders will be submitted to the IT PC Repair Group)

To ensure sufficient oversight of university-licensed software, users must purchase protected media through the IT Help Desk for work-at-home use. Unlike volume-licensed media, protected media makes use of a unique key for each copy. Upon installation, protected media must be registered with Microsoft prior to use. This change in media types will not affect the cost to the end-user.

For additional information about these distribution procedures, contact the IT Help Desk at 774-3662.