Information Security Central - September 2016

​​​​It's a new academic year and a new semester, so why not start out with a new password? You have a ton of information and access within your CMU account, so keeping your account secure is incredibly important. Remember, your password is for your use only, and you should never share it with ​anyone.​ If someone gets the password to your account, they can get access to some of the following areas:

  • ​​​​​BankInfo, where they can change your routing information
  • Benefits, where they can change your settings and access PPI
  • Email, where they can send spam and bother/compromise people you know
We recommend changing your password one a year at the very least. CMU enforces requirements for strong passwords, but remember that, in general, you should avoid common words or patterns as a part of your password. That means not using words like "password"—​even if you're the clever type who turns it into "p@ssW0rd"—​or any part of your Global ID.

While we know that it can be a real pain keeping track of a bunch of passwords, it's also especially important not to reuse them across accounts. With an increasing number of security breaches in some notable companies like Dropbox, MySpace, and eBay, it's more important than ever to make sure that you're not using the same password for multiple accounts, just in case one of these providers gets hacked.​

For more information, please check out this handy infographic (click for full size):