IT Strategic Plan

Goal #3 - Transform OIT

Initiative #1 - Adopt and Apply Information Technology Best Practices

Expected Outcomes: OIT will have a core of well-understood, deeply integrated, and appropriately automated processes that allow it to do its work.  Scores on all relevant facets of the Gartner ITscore Maturity Model will consistently score near or above 3 (out of 5).



      • Build and Implement a program plan for adoption of additional ITSM processes

Planned for 2019-2020

      • Define and execute next steps in process management and improvement

Initiative #2 - Strengthen Staff Engagement

Expected Outcomes: OIT will be integrated and collaborative.  Through it's ITSM initiative (documented above), it has learned to function across silos, at least in relationship to major processes and services that directly impact faculty, staff, and students.



      • Find opportunities to strengthen the internal perception of OIT as a single organization
      • Expand opportunities for professional development for OIT staff

Planned for 2019-2020

      • Conduct "modern workplace" pilot across OIT and expand it to "first tier" user groups
      • Articulate and begin plan for consolidation of OIT documentation
      • Clarify use of internal communication tools
      • Review and adjust plan for relocating Applications team
      • Build a staff training plan for 2019-2020

Initiative #3 - Mature Project Management Operations

Expected Outcomes: The PMO has vision into ALL projects underway across OIT, and there is a single PMO-managed dashboard for all OIT projects.  All directors use the PMO to at least some degree to better manage their employees' time and effort.  Processes are mature and standard.  Delivery of projects is much more timely.  Projects are better managed and are supported by a sustainable sourcing strategy.  Gartner ITscore hovers around 3, consistent with OIT scores in other categories in this tool.



      • Expand TDX adoption and processes across all of OIT
      • Get Things Done Better and Faster

Planned for 2019-2020

      • Pilot transition from project management to product management
      • Expand Agile Project Development,  Management, and Training