IT Strategic Plan

Information Technology at CMU

Our Vision

Information Technology at CMU will provide strategic technology leadership for CMU and advocate for the informed and efficient use of technology across the university. Specifically, we will:
  • Operate, maintain, and protect, with transparency and integrity, the information technology infrastructure and data of the university;
  • Partner with other offices in the development of technologies and services that support the mission, goals and competitive position of CMU; and
  • Provide personal development opportunities for university employees that foster engagement with current technologies and encourage understanding of the application of these technologies within higher education.

Our Mission

Information Technology at CMU proactively addresses, collaboratively develops, and reliably provides the core technical infrastructure of the university.

Our Values

In addition to observing the university’s Service Excellence Values - Care, Knowledge, Availability, and Follow-through – the following principles will permeate all that we do:
  • Partnership:  We value our partnerships with the groups with which we collaborate.  We will communicate regularly and openly with our partners to develop our plans and conduct our affairs.  We will be recognized as an efficient and trustworthy organization that is dedicated to producing work that exceeds customer standards.
  • Speed: We recognize that speed matters and will constantly push ourselves to find ways to deliver solutions as quickly as possible. 
  • Innovation: We will be a major contributor to innovation across campus by constantly scanning the horizon for new opportunities and moving proactively to address them.
  • Respect: We will treat our internal and external partners with respect and courtesy.
  • Data-Driven: We will base our decisions on data and will design solutions that allow others to do the same.
  • Simplification:  We will advocate for balance, simplicity, and clarity within the university IT environment.  In order to control costs and manage our operations most efficiently, we will advocate for flexible solutions built around a consistent set of core technologies rather than unnecessarily duplicating existing assets.  We will seek out external partners to assist in the delivery of services where necessary to retain the simplicity of the environment we support.
  • Sustainability: We will consider and integrate sustainability across our operations.  We will model and advocate for responsible economic and ecological sustainability in campus choices of hardware and software solutions.​