IT Strategic Plan



The IT Strategic Plan was modified for FY16 to include recommendations from two consulting studies conducted during the spring of FY15 - 1) an IT Resourcing Study conducted by Huron Consulting and 2) an IT Risk Assessment conducted by Plante Moran.  The additions to the plan focus ​​primarily on two areas and overlap - 1) combining all campus IT groups into one and using this new platform as a basis for improving IT service delivery and 2) improving IT security.  Additions to the Action Plan linked below are noted in blue​.

About this plan

This plan was developed under the leadership of CMU's Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer with the participation of the university community as described below.  It is intended to provide a broad roadmap for the development and application of the university's technology environment from Fiscal Years 2014 - 2016.  The three-year span of this plan renders impractical any attempt to foretell many of the specific actions and projects that will be required to bring this plan to reality.  Instead, those specific actions and projects will be outlined in and evolve through a series of annual reports documenting the work produced and planned against this plan over the next three years.  As the plan evolves, this Action Plan​ will be used to as a dashboard to monitor its progress.

Development of this plan

This plan is the result of numerous conversations with all campus constituencies.  Formal information gathering began with a series of faculty, staff, and student focus groups in the fall of 2011, summarized in a final Focus Group report.  This input was then combined with information gleaned from committee and less formal discussions, as well as results of past satisfaction surveys, to draft an initial plan.  That plan then went through three iterations, each of which was reviewed by the Technology Planning Council​​, the Faculty Technology Advisory Committee​, the IT Executive Council​, the Council of Deans, and other executive level committees before reaching its final form.  In addition, input was sought across the academic colleges and within a student community maintained by the Office of Information Technology.​

Documenting our success 

The Office of Information Technology has regularly conducted a campus-wide technology satisfaction survey and will continue to do so.  In order to document the effective execution of this plan, that survey will be revised to ensure that appropriate, measurable feedback is obtained concerning 1) the effectiveness and completeness of the feature sets included in IT services, 2) the performance of those services, and 3) the effectiveness of the IT processes that deliver them.  Additional relevant metrics will be called out in discussions of the specific initiatives noted below.​
Prefer a PDF version of the entire plan?  You can find one here.​