Audio/visual equipment that is intended to be permanently mounted or installed becomes part of the University’s AV infrastructure.  Consistency in this equipment is necessary to maintain usability across campus and reduce support costs.

Examples of equipment that require approval are:
  • Ceiling-mounted projectors 
  • Ceiling/wall-mounted projection screens
  • Control systems and related-touch panels
  • Digital signage players and displays
  • Installed televisions and monitors
  • Video conferencing codecs
  • Annotation devices 
  • Mounted PTZ-cameras
  • Installed audio (ceiling/wall-mounted speakers, amplifiers, DSPs, mixers).

Portable equipment and equipment that is NOT permanently installed/mounted does not require approval.  Examples include: 

  • Pico” and portable projectors
  • Media playback devices​
  • Web cameras​
  • Speakers that are not ceiling or wall-mounted