Personal Software Purchases

​NOTE: The latest version of Microsoft Office is available at no cost to all current​ CMU faculty, staff, and students through Office 365.​ To find out more, please visit our Microsoft Office page.

T​hrough the OnTheHub web store, you have the option to purchase Microsoft Windows 10 as an extension of CMU's Microsoft campus licensing. This will redirect you to a third-party vendor for the purchasing service. Please be aware that you are providing payment information to a non-CMU vendor. CMU does not officially endorse or condone purchasing software through this vendor, and the OIT Help Desk will only be able to provide limited support​ for these kinds of purchases.

Because this agreement is an extension of CMU's campus agreement with Microsoft, please note that the license you receive is technically licensed to CMU and not you as an individual. Therefore, you will not be able to legally continue to use the software if you separate from the university.

Purchasing Windows 10 through this service will allow you to download a copy of the software and access the activation key only one time. If you need to transfer the software to another computer, you will need to work with Microsoft to transfer the license. CMU is unable to assist with this.

You have other options available to purchase Windows 10 through any applicable retailer. In some cases, another retailer may have more competitive pricing due to promotions or sales, and you may find more flexibility with the software licensing. Please make sure to research other retailers to ensure that you are making the best purchasing decision for you.​

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